The winner of Creators Community 2024: Oaklings

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04 February 2024

In a field of 39 hopeful start-ups, the Danish design brand Oaklings was celebrated on Sunday evening as the winner of the prestigious Creators Community Design Award at a trade show for the interior and design industry. Oaklings’ founder, Anja Pajor, expressed her joy and gratitude for the recognition:

"I am absolutely thrilled, immensely proud, and extremely grateful. Launching a luxury brand in the lifestyle industry during these challenging times is no small feat, making every bit of recognition truly appreciated," says Anja Pajor, the founder and owner of Oaklings. She elaborates, "The most challenging aspect for a startup is to build awareness, get some publicity, and break through. Your products might be beautiful, but if no one knows they exist, you won't get very far. Right now, my primary focus is on establishing a presence, gaining visibility, and being acknowledged. Securing the first-place spot is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity in achieving these goals."

Meeting all criteria
The jury of the award considers four criteria: aesthetics & design, functionality, quality, and commercial value. According to the jury, Oaklings fulfills all these criteria. Mads Arlien-Søborg, a trend and lifestyle expert and one of the five jury members, explained during the award ceremony:

"The winning company has expressed a desire to elevate an everyday product to a truly exclusive design product, and in that way, this product meets all the criteria we are assessing. Moreover, the winner operates in a field with extremely high safety requirements, and they have managed to fulfill each one. Additionally, we recognize substantial potential for these products in the B2B market and perhaps even greater potential in the export market. Finally, the products build on a long and proud Danish design tradition."

It's not by chance that Oaklings hits the mark all around:
"It means a lot to be recognized for three and a half years of development work, and it's wonderful to meet the criteria set by the jury. I have aimed for them throughout the entire design process, so it's a huge pat on the back," notes Anja Pajor.

The award comes with an exhibition stand at Formland Autumn 2024 and a prize of 3,000 euros. The second and third places among the final 10 nominees went to RE·ESSENCE from Klampenborg and Maya Soele from Aarhus.

The 80th edition of the Danish interior & design trade show, Formland Autumn 2024, will take place at MCH Messecenter Herning from 17-19 August this year. Read more at

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