Formland Spring ready with new circularity fair

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19 January 2023

'Circular Formland Days' is the title of a new fair focusing on sustainability and circularity in design, interiors, fashion and lifestyle. The fair will feature a panel discussion with representatives from several of the exhibiting companies and can be seen at the Formland Spring design and interiors fair at MCH Messecenter Herning on 29-31 January.

31 brands, all selected based on a set of circularity criteria, make up Formland Spring's new curated fair 'Circular Formland Days'. The fair aims to inspire the design, interiors, fashion and lifestyle industries to think more circularly by, for example, taking an innovative approach to new business models and reusing materials. According to co-organiser Lifestyle & Design Cluster, these are crucial if the industry is to truly embrace a green future.

- It is very important that also the lifestyle industry increasingly engages in circularity because the future will be filled with circular, durable products that contain, among other things, recycled or surplus materials that are easy to repair, resell and reuse. At least this is the vision of the European Commission in the draft for the new Ecodesign Directive. Another thing that is being talked about in this context is the fact that a number of environmental and climate requirements are on their way, especially for brands in the lifestyle sector, Lifestyle & Design Cluster project manager Maria Hørmann states and she continues:

- Many Danish brands have already started to realise the many possibilities in thinking and working circularly, and are thus already well on their way to preparing for these requirements. And it's really quite simple - the brands that are already moving away from linear business models and working towards more circular business models, where products are designed and produced with optimisation of resources, are in a stronger position for a future where these requirements will be introduced.

At the same time, according to the project manager, it is not unimportant for companies to keep up to date, now that consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of acting in an environmentally responsible way.

Insights and aha moments via panel debate

The 'Circular Formland Days' will feature 31 brands that have all made the choice to go green. The companies are very different in size, and there are also big differences in how far each of them has come in their respective processes, but they all work with products or solutions based on the circular model. Among the many participants is the company SMALLrevolution, which won the Creators Community Design Award at last year's Formland Spring, and also the food industry is represented by the company BÆLG. Find the full list of exhibitors here.

'Circular Formland Days' also contributes to the fair's Speak Up stage with the debate 'From waste and surplus materials to new design products'. Here, BAKANO Design co-founder Astrid Ågot Nielsen, THE UPCYCLE founder and CEO Rikke Ullersted, We Do Wood CEO Klaus Jorlet and Målbar co-founder Jakob Aaen will be discussing various aspects of circularity in the lifestyle industry. They are also all part of the 'Circular Formland Days' fair itself.

- The debate should give the audience valuable insights into some interesting hands-on examples of circularity from the fair, which are easy to understand, and it should also provide some aha moments and food for thought. Not least, it is the hope that the debate will inspire the audience to start this journey for their own brand - or inspire purchasers to consider going for greener purchases in the future, Maria Hørmann says.