Formland Design Award is reintroduced at Autumn 2024

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03 February 2024

We want to honor products that are uniquely innovative, functional, and sustainable. That’s why we reintroduce the Formland Design Award at the August show, Autumn 2024, and all shows going forward.

All seasonal exhibitors can nominate 1-3 products before the show. A professional jury will decide on the winner of the season’s Formland Design Award based on 5 criteria:

Relevance, Function, Design, Sustainability & Innovation

The first winner will be presented at the opening of Autumn 2024, 17 – 19 August.

The professional jury is:
Charlotte Schulz | Hyperhyper interior & vintage studio
Mads Arlien-Søborg | Trend Expert & Speaker
Charlotte Johannesen | Head of Design at MCH

More jury members and details will be announced soon.

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