New concept hall at Formland: Fashion & Lifestyle

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22 November 2022

Fashion and accessories have for quite some time been linked with Formland, and now the increasing interest from fashion brands has resulted in a new 'Fashion & Lifestyle' concept hall. The concept is based on a desire for an increased focus on the fashion segment in particular, to the delight of both existing and new exhibitors and, not least, the fair's visitors. Likewise, the action must be seen in the light of the market's general development, where related lifestyle products, such as interiors, design, fashion and accessories accommodate each other in the shops.

Visitors can look forward to an aesthetic and inspiring experience, where the focus is on fashion, accessories, and wearables - and where, you in the spirit of Formland, can dive into an activity programme, mixed with industry-relevant presentations on the Speak Up stage. Centrally in the hall, you will of course also find an inviting bar/café with suitable delicacies on the menu.

With the 'Fashion & Lifestyle' concept hall, the fashion and accessories industry is guaranteed an attractive new window in a world where smaller fashion companies risk drowning at large trade fairs solely focused on fashion. Meanwhile, the hall is tailored to fashion companies who wish to expand their assortment and add design and interior. Finally, more and more fashion companies are finding that their products are also in demand at lifestyle shops, which makes the merging of the industries extremely reasonable. The 'Fashion & Lifestyle' concept hall is a visual pearl, presented in pastel colours and with both space and plenty of content, tone-setting quality content that draws both the present and the future.