3daysofdesign: Formland and Magasin invite you to explore the exhibition "Terrassen & Salonen".

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02 May 2023

During 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen from 7-9 June 2023, you can explore the exclusive exhibition “Terrassen & Salonen”, which is a result of a unique partnership between the interior and design trade show Formland and the department store Magasin.

Curated exhibition by Formland and Magasin

Formland and Magasin are launching a curated exhibition titled "Terrassen & Salonen" (the terrace and the salon) in the legendary department store in Copenhagen. The exhibition will display lifestyle, design, and interior decoration anchored in indoor and outdoor living.

"We are very excited about the collaboration with Magasin. It is a unique opportunity to create an exhibition in a historic and beautiful department store, in the heart of Copenhagen. The exhibition is strategically placed in relation to 3daysofdesign, where a lot of activities will be taking place in the areas around St. Kongensgade, Bredgade, and Kgs. Nytorv. We expect to welcome many interested visitors during the three days”, says Mads Arlien-Søborg

The exhibition can be experienced in the impressive surroundings of the rooftop terrace on the 2nd floor “Terrassen” and in the historical ambience of “Kong Hans Salen”. The collaboration between Formland and Magasin is based on a common passion for showcasing design and interior as an important aspect of our lifestyle, as well as a longstanding partnership.

Growing outdoor trend at “Terrassen”

Outdoor living has truly caught on with the Danes, and the trend is still growing, as we strive for a stronger connection to nature and outdoor life balance. At “Terrassen” (the terrace), you are invited to experience an outdoor oasis focusing on design and lifestyle.

The exhibition on “Terrassen” will present itself as a holistic experience, offering the opportunity to implement a connection between outdoor life and great design. Here, visitors can explore products within furniture, food, fashion, and accessories, which together will ensure a complete experience of a collected outdoor environment.

You can look forward to meeting exhibitors such as Sika, Plio, Morsø, Hay, Menu Space, Nordisk, and many more.

Design inspiration emerges in “Salonen”

Be inspired by the atmosphere of French salons and galleries when taking an inspirational tour in the impressive hall “Kong Hans Salen”.

“Salonen” (the salon) welcomes you to an aesthetic experience in an exciting universe adorned with exclusive design, beautiful furniture, artistic lighting, as well as inspiring textiles, prints, glass, and ceramics.

In “Salonen” you can look forward to experiencing exhibitors such as Studio About, Our Society, Jore Copenhagen, Fundamental Berlin, Oxdenmarq, Reevein Studio, and many more.

Be a part of the exhibition "Terrassen & Salonen"

We still have a few openings available for brands that wish to participate in the exhibition. For registration inquiries, please contact:

Mads Arlien-Søborg, curator

Charlotte Hedegaard Johannsen, curator:

Flemming Andersen, project managet