Formland repeats circular success

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11 August 2023

The exhibition "Circular Formland Days" was introduced for the first time during Formland Spring in January this year. Now, the exhibition returns to Formland Autumn which takes place at MCH Messecenter Herning from August 20th to 22nd 2023. Among the exhibitors, there is great anticipation, and visitors can look forward to encountering a variety of new, sustainable designs.

Seventeen companies with a focus on sustainability and circularity make up the exhibitor field at Circular Formland Days, offering a plethora of exciting new products within design, interior, fashion and lifestyle. Previously part of Formland’s Creators Community, Design Rocket is among the exhibitors in the area and is consistently dedicated to sustainability.

"We are so proud to be part of Circular Formland Days, as sustainability has been in our DNA since our inception, and it's wonderful to see the industry taking on more responsibility. We cannot continue to produce and discard or turn a blind eye to how things are produced and what happens to them afterward," says Lena Vilstrup-Sørensen, designer and founder of Design Rocket, who explains how she and her company approach sustainability:

"We select sustainable materials from Europe and produce in Denmark - and only on demand. All scraps and cuttings are saved and used for other products. Whenever possible, our designs are flatpacked, and we offer a take-back program so that products can have the longest possible lifespan."

Lena Vilstrup-Sørensen further describes that visitors to Formland can expect fresh colors and creativity at Design Rocket's booth, and this year, the company is focusing more on pictograms for schools and institutions.

A product for one of humanity's most essential activities
Also exhibiting at Circular Formland Days is Njordrum, which similarly emphasizes sustainability and circularity. In fact, the company believes that these parameters should increasingly be a "license to operate" regardless of industry, service or product.

Njordrum brings with them a duvet and pillow created in collaboration with DanishDown / Re:Down by Naturtex, utilizing 100% recycled down in production.

"The down originates from duvets, pillows, down jackets, and similar items, and is upcycled at the factory in Hungary - a factory holding the leading certifications for both sustainable and environmentally friendly production in a closed, circular process. We offer take-back and thereby ensure that the materials are integrated into a circular production. The set is the latest addition to Njordrum's collection and is designed with the intention of complementing our prefab, modular wooden house concept with a high-quality product for one of humanity's most crucial activities, namely sleep," Lars Vejen explains, Design Manager at Njordrum, who is excited about Formland's Circular Formland Days for increasing awareness of these kinds of products:

"These are products that move away from the use of artificial materials and can naturally become part of circular processes by, for example, allowing the user to return the products after use."

Inspiration for the industry's mindset
In the national business cluster Lifestyle & Design Cluster, a co-organizer of Circular Formland Days, they are pleased with the fair's continued focus on sustainability and circularity.

"We find it important that the exhibitors at Circular Formland Days can inspire the industry's mindset towards a more circular direction by limiting or redirecting resource consumption in their production. It is gratifying that so many courageous companies are taking bigger and smaller steps - in the right direction," Maria Hørmann states, Project Manager at Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

Flemming Andersen, Project Manager at MCH A/S, also celebrates the continued support for the concept.

"The participation indicates that with Circular Formland Days, we are keeping up with the times and reflecting the world we are part of, which is of great importance to us. The common denominator for the exhibiting brands is that they have all been selected based on a range of circularity criteria, aiming to inspire the industry to think more circularly as part of a greener future," Flemming Andersen explains.

In addition to the exhibition, Circular Formland Days offer guided tours where exhibitors provide valuable insights into their endeavors focused on sustainability and circularity.