Studie FlyHelsted: "We interpret a reflection of time."

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27 March 2023

In recent years, Studie FlyHelsted has become almost synonymous with Formland. This is largely due to the fact that for five years in a row now, twice a year, they have organised the fair's big attraction: Trendzonen - the Trend Zone.

From zones with trends to the Trend Zone

Behind the name Studie FlyHelsted are two women: photographer Sofie Helsted and interior designer Mille Fly. They have been working together since 2010, and it was also in 2010 that they got their first joint assignment under the auspices of Formland.

"The beauty of the constellation we have is that we are not just a photographer and an interior designer. We are both trained in spatial understanding, even though we come from different backgrounds," says Mille Fly.

Before Studie FlyHelsted took over responsibility for the large trend zone in 2017, they created other smaller inspirational areas and trend cafés at Formland, which could, for example, have an outdoor focus or a specific colour or novelty trend.

We think a lot in terms of shop formats

When Studie FlyHelsted creates the Trend Zone, they begin with a reflection on current trends and a working title to base their work on. The reference is interpreted, visualised in terms of space, taste and sound, and then a graphic identity is created. Next, they gradually zoom further and further in to the core, and finally they select what they believe to be the strongest concept.

"For us, it's not just about podiums at a trade fair - it's the whole room. Products change character when we create the right setting. Visitors must sense the right time with music, atmosphere and visual effects. When you walk into the Trend Zone, you forget the ugly ceiling and the other stands. And when you do that, we've succeeded," says Mille Fly.

Once the baseline is fully established, the selection of how they would like to present the trends in question comes next. Should it look like a home, a studio or perhaps a shop? People need to be able to recognise the rooms, as Mille Fly puts it.

The selection process

After five years on the job, Studie FlyHelsted has become familiar with many of the exhibitors, but new ones come along that may surprise you, so they always make sure to stay up-to-date.

"We take the whole fair into account and check out all the halls and exhibitors. That's how you find the unexpected exhibitors and special gems," says Mille Fly.

The Trend Zone is often one of the first places at the fair that the purchasers visit. That's why all products are labelled with clear stand numbers and company names. In this way, the Trend Zone can help direct people across the entire fair, so that they don't just follow their usual routes to the regular exhibitors and suppliers. From the fair's point of view, the Trend Zone is a tool designed to shake up what people usually do, and to broaden their horizons and open their eyes.

"We need to inspire our own colleagues and purchasers as to what they should include in their shops. And we need to know what end users choose for their homes. Therefore, our most important task is to stay updated and renew ourselves," concludes Mille Fly.