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22 August 2023

Visitors from 28 countries experienced a trade fair described as an important gathering point for the industry. The exhibitors at Formland Autumn 2023 are now returning home from MCH Messecenter Herning with leads and new, strong business connections.

The exhibitors at Formland Autumn 2023 experienced a nice atmosphere and curiosity from both new as well as existing customers. Once again, the trade fair embraced and united the design and interior industry and is considered an important gathering place by exhibitors. This became obvious at Formland Autmn 2023 that took place from 20-22 August with 8,016 visitors.

The exhibitors highlight Formland as a trade fair that gathers the industry, and this pleases Georg Sørensen, CEO at MCH A/S

- Formland is a trade fair with a strong history, characterized by both tradition and innovation. This applies to exhibitors as well as activities. Therefore, we are very pleased that both long-standing and new exhibitors have benefited positively from the fair and highlight Formland's ability to showcase and generate both business deals, potential customers, as well as new and strengthened relationships, says Georg Sørensen, who is pleased with the confirmation of the trade fair's impact.

- I wish to thank the 422 exhibitors and the 8,016 visiting persons from the industry who created the unique Formland atmosphere in the halls where the exhibitors once again did their very best to create a unique showcase for the industry.

Exhibitor: A gathering place for the business industry
With 422 exhibitors Formland Autumn 2023 had a wide focus – partly because it included design, interior, lifestyle, fashion, gastronomy and outdoor and partly because of its size. The visitors were inspired by both upcoming brands and well-established companies. Among the last mentioned was Rosendahl Design Group that always participates at the Autumn edition of Formland. As always, they had some good and profitable days in many ways.

- The attendance has been great, and the visitors showed a great interest in our products – we have felt a stronger vibe than earlier this year, and we have had surprisingly many overseas visitors which is amazing. Besides many good dialogues with customers, we have as always enjoyed meeting colleagues from the industry – this really means something, and it felt like a family reunion, CEO of Rosendahl Design Group Henrik Rosendahl points out. He has been a part of Formland for many years, and there are several reasons he appreciates the trade fair:

- My business career literally started at Formland building stands when my father started the company in 1984, and I guess I have been here 20-30 times. Formland is an institution and a gathering point for the entire industry, and over the years the trade fair has managed to adjust to changes and thereby trends. It has become an essential part of the business, and it is very, very important to us – both strategically as well as for the business because my connection to the trade fair goes way back.

Product of the year winner: So much publicity
Color Stories was one of the new brands at the trade fair. They also won the Formland award Product of the year. By attending the trade fair, the ambitious company confirmed the importance of Formland, and now they are thrilled.

- These days have been amazing, and we have met so many potential clients, PR professionals, influencers and all kinds of people. It has been great, and we are so happy to have been a part of it because Formland is just the place for an ambitious company like us for showing our brand to the interior and furniture industry, the joint owner of Color Stories Sussie Frank states and highlights the importance of Formland and especially winning an award:

- The Product of the Year Award has given us so much publicity, and we have received so many congrats and positive synergies. Even though we are a small upcoming company, we have a big drive, and now we are existed to start the next phase. We have found so many new contacts, and that is another advantage of Formland – we expand our business network with so many contacts.

A children universe with a synergy effect
At Formland there were more children related exhibitors than usual, and they were in an area with a unique atmosphere. One of the exhibitors was FLEXA with a bigger focus on kid´s furniture and wooden toys, and they were thrilled to be a part of the children universe.

- We have been surrounded by both new and well-established brands for children’s products. This has been such an inspiration for us and has given us insight. We have also helped each other to direct relevant visitors to other stands – and we return home with so many good leads, so the synergy effect has been huge, the international sales manager at FLEXA Susanne Dam Christensen shouts with joy and continues:

- Our brand might be more than 50 years old, but we have expanded our selection of children products with furniture and wooden toys over the last three to four years, so it is crucial for us to gain the attention. And at Formland we get it – a trade fair is just the place for continued trade fair activities.

Popular programme
The exhibitors were the main attraction, but as tradition dictated, this 78th edition of Formland also offered a well-attended programme of activities, totaling 73 events in all including a wide range of talks and debates on the Speak Up stage.

The trend zone and the new Salon d'Amour, tailored for events and workshops, were aesthetic highlights at a trade fair that also featured the Event Kitchen, Danish Decorators, GREENHOUSE, Circular Formland Days, and WHOSAIDTRASH.

Formland Autumn 2023 took place at the Danish entertainment center MCH Messecenter Herning from 20-22 August 2023.

Formland Autumn 2023 attracted several popular influencers – Meet some of them here:

Line Bergendorff, influencer, @diydanmark
- I attend Formland because I love finding inspiration and meeting other entrepreneurs at the trade fair. I like meeting people in person and be able to look them in the eyes and feel the enthusiasm and energy of other people – and their products for that matter. I got so much inspiration from the trade fair and it was a great experience – Formland is also huge and cozy.

Allan Stage, influencer, @fartilfirepiger
- Formland is the place to find new trends, creativity and passion and just the place to observe trends regarding colors, details and materials. In my point of view the trade fair is the epicenter of creativity, and Formland is also just the place of you have a brand and want to be seen – and it is also a great community and a cozy atmosphere.

Katrine Fæster Agesen, influencer, @katrinefv
- Formland is interesting as well as a creative and comfy universe. There are so many impressions, and you can find inspiration for colors, materials, interior and furniture – I saw many new brands that I wish to get to know better and use them in my professional life. I attend the trade fair both my own sake and the sake of my company, and I will definitely attend the trade fair again – it is also a great place for networking.