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25 January 2023

The 'Circular Formland Days' exhibition and the Japanese-inspired Kunst Pause area are new additions to the Formland Spring design and interiors fair, which is also bringing together lifestyle brands in the 'Fashion & Lifestyle' concept pavilion. Visitors can also explore a colourful trend zone and meet more than 300 exhibitors, as well as gain insights from a series of keynote speakers. The fair takes place at the MCH Messecenter Herning on 29-31 January 2023.

Interesting product news, redesigned areas, horizon-broadening talks and expectant exhibitors await you this Sunday when Formland Spring opens its doors for three days focusing on design and interiors. Among the big news at this year's fair is the Kunst Pause trend café - a place that celebrates art and, among many other things, hosts talks by a series of creative speakers.

- Visitors can expect a beautifully decorated, Japanese-inspired café with exciting food, matcha tea and yuzu lemonade. The food is served in a bento box and wrapped in fabric instead of paper, which is a new trend of the sustainable variety - as the fabric can be recycled. In addition, the area offers three free and educational workshops each day, says trend expert Anette Eckmann, who is responsible for Kunst Pause.

In addition to Kunst Pause, this year's fair includes two significant innovations: First and foremost, the fashion concept pavilion 'Fashion & Lifestyle', which to an even greater extent than before ensures that Formland Spring embraces various aspects of lifestyle, including fashion and accessories. And secondly: The 'Circular Formland Days' exhibition, created in collaboration with the Lifestyle & Design Cluster, which focuses on sustainability and circularity in design, interiors, fashion and lifestyle.

Trend Zone with the bright colours of the period

In keeping with tradition, the fair also features Studie Flyhelsted's popular Trend Zone, which this year has been given the title 'Colors - a living network'. This time, the zone is designed to take visitors through an interpretation of living spaces in a transparent and light atmosphere surrounded by the bright colours of the period. The experience is both abstract and personal, with contrasts of humour and seriousness, and with room for differences and space for fellowship in this 'living network'.

- We have committed ourselves to creating a great overall experience, where workshop, talks, café, light and sound all play a part, and where visitors will hopefully find an abundance of inspiration. At the same time, the ambition is that the colourful zone will serve as a platform for new networks and relationships, and that visitors will thus take something home on several levels, explains Mille Fly, interior designer at Studie Flyhelsted.

In addition to the Kunst Pause and the many talks, workshops and lectures in the Trend Zone, there will be a wealth of presentations to delve into at the fair's recurring Speak Up stage, where a wide range of high-profile experts will be speaking. These include trend researcher and owner of the pej gruppen Louise Byg Kongsholm and trend and lifestyle expert Mads Arlien-Søborg.

Selected entrepreneurs exhibit and compete for an award

The Creators Community is once again part of Formland Spring, and this time 40 creative and talented entrepreneurs have been selected to both exhibit and compete for the prestigious Design Award. The participants share the core values of proactivity and innovativeness in the creation of products and the development of sustainable businesses.

Finally, Formland Spring will feature 'Greenhouse - nature to the people' a sensuous, green area where experts will present creative ideas on how to merge flowers, plants and interiors, and the Danske Dekoratører's stand, which will be dedicated to styling events with a focus on transformation.

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