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31 October 2023 | Lübech Living

OOhh's new round pulp pot challenges and complements the classic cylindrical shape.

With the new round Zero Waste paper pot from the Pulp collection, you get a beautiful and simple pot that both stands out and complements the classic cylindrical pot form. The design offers an interesting voluminous appearance and a fine piece of craftsmanship. The pot can be used for potted plants, cut flowers, dried flowers, as a decorative bowl, or something entirely different.

The Pulp concept originates from the idea of papier-mâché but has been taken to a new level with thin walls and a waterproof lining. With the internal lining, you can use the products for your flowers and plants. All products in the Pulp series are made from OOhh's own zero waste paper and handcrafted by the women in Lübech Living's fair trade project.

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