Beautiful handmade Easter eggs made from the OOhh Zero Waste paper

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19 December 2023 | Lübech Living

Let your Easter be extra beautiful with these beautiful handmade Easter eggs from the OOhh Collection.

In a time where there is a need for more thoughtfulness and responsibility, why not let our Easter decorations reflect this?
These Easter eggs are made from expired newspapers collected from local newspaper vendors in Sri Lanka, as well as OOhh's own zero waste paper. Each Easter egg is carefully handmade by the women in OOhh's fair trade project, with attention to detail, making each egg completely unique.

Whether you hang the eggs on a large branch, a single branch, or use them in a beautiful decoration, they will delight all of your senses. It's highly recommended to mix the eggs with other beautiful Easter articles from OOhh and create a beautiful Easter atmosphere.

The eggs come in a lovely gift box with 2 large and 2 small eggs in each, and the box is also made from recycled paper.

By choosing Easter decorations made from expired newspapers and other waste paper, you ensure that this product has minimal impact on the environment. And at the same time, you are helping the women in OOhh's fair trade project in Sri Lanka. OOhh started this project in 2010, and today there are 250 women working from home. The women work with great pride to create beautiful and sustainable products. As part of the project, they are ensured a good and fair wage for their work. The project is SEDEX certified, which guarantees a good working environment and a fair wage.

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