Events and networking

The inspiring and memorable experience is also an important part of Formland. This is why both we and our exhibitors put a great effort into creating exciting activities, events and other happenings. We wish to provide you with plenty of opportunities to delve into future trends, explore creative sides, and not least, create relations and network.

Explore all the exhibitors' events that will take place both before, during, and after the Formland trade show. Experience everything from presentations, live demonstrations, to workshops, and webinars. Catch the opportunity to gain new knowledge and expand your network.

What you can experience

Workshops and events helps to expanding your network

Get in touch with the right person

If you wish to hear more about a specific product, an event, or network arrangement hosted by the suppliers, you can get in touch here.

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Birgitte Hougaard

B GREEN by Callapor A/S

Birgitte Hougaard

Events and webinars