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Founded by high school friends Suzan Yavuz & Mathilde Høm in 2021, Oesterland is a Danish company working to preserve craftsmanship and create economic opportunities in the Middle
East and Afghanistan. Made by local and refugee artisans in Afghanistan, Turkey and Egypt, Oesterland is on a mission to change one-sided narratives in the Middle East and Central Asia.
Through craftsmanship and storytelling, we aim to add life to a region that is often portrayed as conflictual and inherently political.

Sustainable Development Goals!

We work with the SDG’s, specifically goal 1 (abolition of poverty), goal 8 (decent work and economic growth) and goal 17 (partnerships for the goals). Today, thousands of artisans, craftsmen, and refugees are in need of employment in the Middle
East and Central Asia, and by buying directly from the makers and partnering with NGOs and social enterprises in the region, we are committed to create better employment opportunities
in the region. So, in terms of SDGs, we want to do our part in eradicating poverty, and creating decent work opportunities through partnerships with artisans, businesses, and NGOs.

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Suzan Yavuz


Suzan Yavuz

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Mathilde Høm Kristensen

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