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Byoms produces and sells products within cleaning, washing and deodorizers with probiotics. We have both our own B2C shop and B2B.

We also offer Private and White Label production of unique products.
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We challenge the unnecessary use of chemicals and antibacterial agents in the home. Everything we do is about strengthening the good and healthy bacteria that naturally fight the disease-causing bacteria. We have developed healthy and sustainable products with probiotics for laundry and cleaning. We keep up with the research and the rapid development within the application possibilities of probiotics.

Healthy and sustainable lifestyle

At Byoms, we celebrate life. We love to make a difference now and here while ensuring the best living conditions for our children, grandchildren - and future generations. From the moment the good bacteria spread for the first time and become a natural and active part of our ecosystem, we all contribute to leaving a positive climate footprint. In the past, a sustainable lifestyle was utterly natural. You took good care of your clothes. It was repaired and only washed when it was dirty. Today, over 50% of a t-shirt's CO2 footprint occurs after it has left the store. Our products have made it possible for you, in an easy, healthy and innovative way, to go back to the old virtues and wash less.

We challenge conventional methods.

Our mission is to revive good bacteria through innovative technology and proven effectiveness. Byom's product development never stands still, whether it concerns the natural ingredients, application methods or packaging. We are curious and constantly looking for the best, healthiest and most sustainable alternatives. We are brave and take pride in challenging the conventional norms of cleaning and laundry. Why is the smell of "clean" artificial lemons? What does clean scent like? And why do modern cleaning products have to be harmful to health when natural and health-promoting alternatives exist?

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Rikke Stein Omby


Rikke Stein Omby

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Anja Byrial Hansen

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