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This FRESHEN UP has extra power, specially developed for smelly sports equipment and shoes, with the same fresh scent as the SPORT & ACTIVE detergent.

Freshen Up is a revolutionary deodorizer with probiotics, developed to reduce unpleasant odours in your clothes, shoes and other articles. With the practical bottle, you can give your clothes a breath of fresh air when you're on the go.

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byoms ApS

Byoms produces and sells products within cleaning, washing and deodorizers with probiotics. We have both our own B2C shop and B2B.

We also offer Private and White Label production of unique products.
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We challenge the unnecessary use of chemicals and antibacterial agents in the home. Everything we do is about strengthening the good and healthy bacteria that naturally fight the disease-causing bacteria. We have developed healthy and sustainable products with probiotics for laundry and cleaning. We keep up with the research and the rapid development within

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