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Skjern, Danmark

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This is a whisky for the curious and free-thinking. A whisky for today. Unusual and irresistible.

Founded by nine unlikely friends at an equally unlikely place on the
West Coast of Denmark, Stauning is Denmark’s first multi-award
winning whisky distillery.

We had no whisky secrets passed on aside of ‘cheers’ and with no
traditions of our own, we leaned on our curiosity, the best of the
past and what’s at hand.

All our whiskies are made using only locally harvested barley and
rye from the windswept fields near our distillery. We do our own
floor malting – like in the old days. There are easier ways for sure.
But none better. We use 24 small, direct-fired copper pot stills.
Because it’s how we create the best flavour and distillery character
in our whisky.

Leave no flavour behind.

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Tinus Meldgaard Stennevad


Tinus Meldgaard Stennevad

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