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Rapsodine / TH Meyer AB

Rapsodine skincare series is 100 % natural with a base of Swedish, organic and coldpressed rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed oil is one of few vegetable oils which can be large-scale grown in the Nordics, which makes it a very sustainable choice. It is also grown in Southern Sweden, leading to short transports and low climate impact

In skincare, rapeseed oil has great attributes:
- absorbed easy
- soften and moisturize the skin
- relieves skin cracks and other skin problems
- brings vitamins and healthy fat acids to the skin

Our skincare products are gentle, remoisturizing and with mild fragrances. They fit all skintypes and can be used by the whole family, also by them with sensitive skin.

Our assortment is broad, including:
- Moisturizing cream
- Body Lotion
- Hand Cream
- Foot Cream
- Day Cream
- Body Oil
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Shower Cream
- Shower Oil
- Sugar Scrub
- Hair Oil
- Hand Soap
- Lip Balm
- Deodorant

Please come visit us in stand J7296, and try and scent our skincare.

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Rapsodine / TH Meyer AB

Rapsodine is a Swedish family company, developing and producing natural skincare and homecare products based on organic rapeseed oil.

We have hundreds of resellers in Sweden and are now entering the Danish and German market.

Our products are gentle, moisturizing and comes with mild flowery scents, and are a sustainable choice that takes responsible for both people and nature.

Welcome to our booth J7296 where you can try our products.

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