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Aakirkeby, Danmark, Bornholm

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Wild Distillery is a micro-distillery situated in the heart of Bornholm in Aakirkeby. In 2019, the owner and Master Distiller, Henrik Nerst, launched his first gin.

Henrik draws inspiration from the Bornholm nature and Nordic style, aiming for a classic and clean design and taste. With a passion for the distillation process, his products are crafted to challenge your taste buds and elevate the standard for Nordic spirits production.

Currently, Wild Distillery produces two gin series, a vodka series, and an aquavit series.

Wild Botanicals Gin is exclusively made from wild Bornholm juniper berries.

The ENE Organic Gin series offers 8 different flavor variants, such as sea buckthorn, espresso, and rhubarb.

The REN Vodka series includes four different vodkas, each with its own unique flavor. The term "REN" reflects an appreciation for pure ingredients and a clean taste.

The newest product is Akvavit, launched in Easter 2023, available in two versions: original and dill.

With Wild Distillery's square bottle and in-house flatbed printer, they offer businesses the opportunity to create gin bottles with their own designs.

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Henrik Nerst

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