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Randers NØ, Danmark

Randers NØ, Danmark

Randers NØ, Danmark

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Vera Nordic was founded in 2022 with a desire to create a classic Danish brand with quality, design, and sustainability as core values.

We strive to create a strong and timeless design with a high quality that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The ideas behind our designs are inspired by the organic and curved lines from 1920-1960 and the more playful and sculptural expression, which we believe gives a classic, dreamy and calm appearance.

The lampshades are handmade in Europe and in a limited quantity, so we ensure that there is no overproduction. This also means that each lamp is unique and individually numbered.

We only use FSC-certified wood, so we know that the wood is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed. Our wooden components are produced exclusively in Denmark. The marble we use is leftover material from other projects and is carefully selected from partners in Italy.

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Mia Juul

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