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Tell Me More is an interior company from Sweden that designs and manufactures its own collections of home decor, hemp rugs, porcelain and textiles. We are inspired by nature where a Scandinavian style sets the framework. All our products are developed with the ambition that they can and will be used over a long period of time. Craftmanship is a central part, and we work with locally skilled artisans around the world. We create new products based on our color palette, which persist year after year. This way, a new product can easily be combined with products from previous collections.

The first products we ever developed were our hemp rugs, which are still an important part of our collection today. For the home, we have developed a collection of furnishings that follow our vision of timeless design. We want our products to live over time. We get inspired from nature and take colors and shapes from it where materials such as wood, glass, stoneware and iron lays in focus. Our popular handmade candle lanterns come in a variety of colors and sizes and are beautiful in every home all year around. Our collection also includes beautiful iron candle stands, baskets in jute, pots and urns in clay and vases in glass. We have developed a textile collection for the living room with cushion covers and blankets in 100% linen and/or cotton. We combine different sizes, colors and classic stripes and this to make sure it can be used in every home. For the bedroom we have develop a harmonious, high quality bedding collection consisting of bed linen in 100% European linen and organic cotton, as well as bathrobes and bedspreads.

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