Tarp Bryggeri

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Esbjerg N, Danmark

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A family-owned microbrewery located north of Esbjerg

About the Brewery
Tarp Bryggeri is a small family-owned brewery located in Tarp north of Esbjerg. The family has a tradition of brewing wines dating back to the 1950s.

All raw materials are carefully selected, and each production is monitored and sampled to ensure quality.

Claus Jørgensen, the owner of Tarp Brewery, has four children. All the children are interested in the mead production, and willingly participate in the tastings.

The tradition is upheld
Tarp Bryggeri manufactures mead in line with the old customs. Only the best Danish honey is used, and only the best ingredients are used.

The mead is produced over an open fire, as in the good old days and fruit juices, herbs or berries are added to the mead, to achieve the very best result.
No concentrates, artificial additives or dyes are used.

Products at Tarp Bryggeri

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