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Tarp Bryggeri

At Tarp Bryggeri we make many different meads. Throughout the year, new meads are added, while others disappear, only to return at a later time. Our Halloween mead is dry and quite unique. It is brewed with Danish honey, pumpkin, cane sugar and spices.

The Halloween mead from Tarp Bryggeri won a silver medal in this year's competitions for best mead, at the Danish Championship, so if you like mead that is dry, this mead is definitely worth trying. The gold also went to Tarp Bryggeri with our Father's mead.

Halloween is a Celtic custom that celebrated the end of summer and the arrival of the harvest. Now they entered the dark times. It is said that on that night it is possible for the dead to walk among the living. You can read more about that here:

The tradition is not only celebrated in the USA and Canada, it has also gained traction in Europe. Halloween is a wonderful tradition where you can be a bit extra crazy, and perhaps that is precisely why we are moving towards a globalized and multicultural Halloween. Each country has its own traditions, and therefore many different suggestions on how to celebrate Halloween can be seen around the world.

Halloween is a Celtic custom and in fact, as a holiday, Halloween is second only to Christmas.

Today, however, Halloween looks somewhat different than it did before. Fruit and nuts have been replaced by sweets and trouble - and especially the latter have become a bigger tradition.
Many take advantage of the evening's "lawlessness" to go out and break boundaries, which is why, in the same way as the Danish New Year, there is a tradition of making pranks. Although a lot has happened to Halloween over the years, the notion of contact with the beyond has been maintained, where the social norms have been turned upside down.

Silver winner DM 2022

The bottle contains 50 cl.

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This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Tarp Bryggeri

A family-owned microbrewery located north of Esbjerg

About the Brewery
Tarp Bryggeri is a small family-owned brewery located in Tarp north of Esbjerg. The family has a tradition of brewing wines dating back to the 1950s.

All raw materials are carefully selected, and each production is monitored and sampled to ensure quality.

Claus Jørgensen, the owner of Tarp Brewery, has four children. All the children are interested in the mead production, and willingly participate in the tastings.

The tradition is upheld
Tarp Bryggeri manufactures mead in line with the old cust

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