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Holstebro, Danmark

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Sandposter celebrates the beauty of Danish beaches with special posters of grains of sand - photographed using a microscope.

This brings out the unique shapes and colours of the sand grains - and each beach is unique.

Sandposter debuted at Formland in February 2023 and was one of the 10 nominees for the Creators Community Design Award.

From 20th to 22nd of August, you can experience the Sandposter universe in Hall D, where you can see the fascinating variation of the sand grains under the microscope - and see a selection of design posters.

Meet us

Nadia Nikolajeva


The woman behind the Sandposter-idea. Nadia looks deep into the microscope, immortalises the beautiful grains of sand and designs the posters. Nadia is a journalist, teacher and also runs Navi Media, a consultancy firm focused on digital and social media.


Nadia Nikolajeva

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