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Kolding, Danmark

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For the first time at Formland, you can meet students from IBA's Entrepreneurship and Design program.

It's a creative education that combines design and business. Whether you aim to work in a company or become an entrepreneur, this program provides a solid platform for your future career.

This program is only offered in Kolding and Copenhagen.

At Formland, the students are ready to share information about the program and the projects they are working on throughout the course. They discuss trendspotting and developing new business concepts. They also talk about how they solve cases in collaboration with major companies such as Lego Company and Easyfood.

The focal point of the program is Design Thinking, and the students work on concept and business development—from idea to a finished concept. The areas of study include design process, visualization, marketing, communication, culture and trends, business innovation, product development, business economics, and project management.

You can learn much more by visiting IBA's booth at Formland. You're very welcome!

PS: IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding is an educational institution with 1,100 students enrolled in various higher education full-time programs. Additionally, there are 350 students studying for an English bachelor's or master's degree, along with 12,500 individuals who annually pursue further education at the business academy.

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Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund



Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund

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