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Dalby ved Haslev, Danmark

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Honningperler - Bee inspired

Under that slogan I inspire to use pure natural care products for the benefit of health and nature since 2019.

Clean raw materials and natural ingredients are gaining more and more traction with Danish consumers, who like to fall for products with a good story behind.

All skin care products are handmade by me with ingredients from my own beekeeping - honey & beeswax and are without additives & preservatives.

My Lip Balm Naturel won the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards in 2021.

My Body Peeling Geranium was nominated for the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards in 2022.

I have created a context in my Honningperler universe, where nature, bees and quality merge into a higher unity.

Lavender and other classic scents are infused with essential oils, and all products are also available completely unscented.
The packaging of the popular lip balm is 100% degradable, and the other packaging can be reused for other things - e.g. I have spoken to several mothers who use the small metal boxes for snacks for their kids lunch boxes.

I am really looking forward to being present at the fair and presenting my Honningperler universe. :-)

Meet us

Kristin Olischer

Owner of the Company

At first there was an idea, then a vision and then a meaning. After attending a beekeeping class i 2016-2018, I startedHonningperler in 2019 with the idea to give a modern touch towell known and yet traditionel ingredients. The enriching freedom that nature gives me unleashes mycreativity. And so, my dream of having my own business arose -and together with that the desire to fulfill my life dream:development and production of clean and healthy care products,where I can both live out my creativity and learn endlessly aboutnature and having a business.


Kristin Olischer

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