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Your brand and visual identity. Will be rethought and thought through.

Danish Decorators was created to challenge and develop your visual needs. In the form of focus points, strategy plan and stronger customer relations. The goal is long-term sustainable growth. With visual tools and Visual Merchandising on your customers' terms - with a combination of creativity and wow experience.

We delve a little into the motivation of your customers, we geek out in relation to your brand and find the common thread that creates the overall experience of your business. Danske Dekoratører is a network of decorators spread across the country, therefore we have a unique opportunity to help you well on your way.

Tangible commercial results

We are a dynamic team and stand on a solid foundation of creative and talented hands. We use the visual means with a focus on giving customers a wow experience and good ambassadors.

The customers do not come by themselves, it is the strategic plan, the creative ideas, the valuable focus areas and a well-thought-out common thread that makes all the difference. In other words, the decorator behind it - and with us as a partner, you get a sharp team behind you.

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Louise Ringgaard Jessen


My name is Louise, I'm a trained Visuel Merchandiser. I've always known that I wanted to help, inspire, and motivate businesses so that they can have peace of mind and grow, all thanks to a visual strategy underlying the entire brand of the store. ✨ Today, I shape the direction of the store, its target audience, brand, ensuring a cohesive strategy from campaigns to social media, to windows, store layout, focus areas, events, emails, advertising, and more. I know how to get the most out of your business, giving customers a reason to spend their money with you. Together, I believe we can achieve incredible results and create the coolest experience for visitors.


Louise Ringgaard Jessen

Caroline Stoklund Christensen


Caroline Stoklund Christensen

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