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Hello and welcome to Casa Jada Courmet.
We are Mette and Peter, the owners of Casa Jada since 2020.
In 2023, Signe also joined as a SoMe consultant, but is also happy to be involved "where it happens".

Casa Jada Gourmet started with a bottle of unfiltered freshly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a gift we received on our first visit to the ceramic factory in connection with Casa Jada Cerámica.

It tasted as delicious, delicate and "pleasant" as what we experience on our travels in Spain.
High quality, aesthetics, professional craftsmanship and, not least, love for what you do.

Our motto: "Let the coziness be the memory of the future" naturally became our expression to the world.

We love our trips to Spain, where we feel at home in the warm and cozy surroundings, close to the Spaniards, who have always greeted us with warmth, hospitality and charity.
The first thing the Spaniards taught us is "the taste of time". Next, "Keep it simple...but tasteful".

The two statements invariably go together at Casa Jada Gourmet; what you use in your cooking doesn't need more than enough – and you can do that with the best ingredients and accessories.

We therefore go to Spain ourselves and find our specialties, where we have made quite a few contacts, and it is an exquisite pleasure to be allowed to meet our producers face-to-face, because it is precisely here that we actually meet the authentic product.
We get their personality, the thoughts behind the products and knowledge of the production "in the bargain", which we consider an invaluable value for our products and which we pass on.

The term "time" has a special meaning for us, and "time" is the epitome of Casa Jada Gourmet, precisely because the products have taken "time" to make - often a long time.

The products are art in themselves. You often encounter handmade and hand-packaged products. We therefore preserve (where possible) the manufacturer's appearance of the products, precisely to preserve the authentic, the original and not least, the respect for
give credit to the manufacturer for what they have developed.

We are delighted that you will be part of our journey and that you also find the importance in that
what you buy must reflect authenticity, quality and great taste.
– exactly what an honest product should be.

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Peter Christensen


Peter Christensen

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Mette Christensen

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