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Augsburg, Germany

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The unique way of life from America, Ireland, England, and Scotland to bring directly to Europe – that has been our mission at American Heritage since 2004. We not only import culinary delights and delicacies from the USA but also from Ireland, England, and Scotland. Whether it's pancakes, brownies, traditional American BBQ, English tea, or Scottish pastries – you'll find everything related to the diverse food culture of these countries with us. Our high-quality standards are guaranteed through the careful selection of renowned manufacturers such as Crown Maple, Rufus Teague, Stonewall Kitchen, as well as selected manufacturers from Ireland, England, and the UK. In addition to fine specialties, we also offer a selection of products that reflect the typical American way of life, from furniture to grill accessories. Special highlights include our scented candles from Kringle and Country Candle, as well as the timeless rocking chairs from Troutmann, which once laid the foundation for our company and still hold a special place in our assortment today. The first rocking chair still adorns our logo to this day, reminding us of our roots. If you also want to offer your customers products related to the diverse way of life from America, Ireland, England, and the UK, then American Heritage in Augsburg is the right address for you.

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