Bolchekogeriet Almuegaarden

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The little candy factory Almuegaarden, which has its main production on the old farm near the city Næstved, is one of the oldest present candy factories in Denmark and known for the Candy shop in Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. At Almuegaarden, there have now been three generations of the family producing all the old classic boiled sweet variants. Innovations have also been added over the years, so you can now also find sugar-free sweets, filled gourmet sweets, as well as beautiful motif sweets for every occasion.

At Almuegaarden, we take pride in protecting the good Danish craftsmanship and quality, which is why all our sweets are made by hand by traditional old craft methods, and using original old machinery dating back to the 1800s. To ensure the best possible flavour in our sweets, we only use the best raw materials and natural ingredients, and the sweets are boiled over open fire to give the candies just the right crispness.

We are proud to be among the world's best at producing beautiful and accurate motifs inside the sweets, which has resulted in our products being sold through specialist shops throughout the Nordics and an ever-growing market for the rest of Europe, in addition to sales through our own shops in Tivoli gardens, the famous department store Magasin Du Nord in Copenhagen and Gudhjem on Bornholm.

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Michael Christensen


Michael Christensen

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