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Århusgade 88, 2100 København Ø, Danmark

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55° North selects brands that are made from natural materials, manufactured in Europe, and that contribute to maintaining artisanal traditions.
Our brands are classic interior brands in the high-end segment. All marketed products are long-lasting both in the most literal sense of the word and because they have a long-lasting design. It is important to us that our products are "value for money" and become a cherished possession for the consumer for many years.
We are agents for LovelyLinen, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik and Cloud7, and we are also a distributor for Burel Mountain Originals.

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Tina Rasmussen

Owner / CEO

I am the owner of the company 55° North and have served Danish stores, architects and stylists since 2012, and have since the beginning had a showroom in Copenhagen. You are always welcome to book a meeting in my showroom and of course I will also be happy to visit you. I help with assortment composition, styling in store as well as support in the form of SoMe, newsletters and good visual material to support sales in your store / webshop.


Tina Rasmussen

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