Wave Wall Hook

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Wall-mounted hook in a timeless, glossy chrome look. Perfect for jackets in the entrance, towels in the bathroom, or dishcloths in the kitchen. The organic wave-like form softens the otherwise industrial steel look and adds an elegant touch.

The wall-mounted hook is both a beautiful and practical addition to your home. Easily create your own coat rack by hanging multiple hooks side by side. Available in 3 different colors that can easily be combined for a personalized look.

Standard screws are included. Always remember to check which screws are suitable for your specific wall type.

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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A shared dream of creating something together as a family became the starting point for Stences in 2020. Behind the eye-catching universe of unique home interiors are mother and daughter, Pia and Thea.

With a strong awareness of current and future trends, Thea designs the entire collection from the very first hand-sketch to the finished drawing. She is also responsible for Stences' visual expression and universe. As a counterpart to the creative side, Pia serves as the structured head of the company, ensuring that all loose ends are tied up.

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