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Maya Soele®

Personal congratulations card (Poster Card) that honors the individual profession.

Today, many congratulations cards are thrown away or tucked away in a drawer because people can't bear to discard the heartfelt messages from parents, family, friends, or mentors.

Poster cards are Maya Soele®'s version of a congratulations card. The card is made of extra sturdy cardboard, giving it the same thickness as a picture.

The poster card is specifically designed not to be discarded but is ready to be hung up as a visible reminder of a special day. This way, one can also preserve the personal message for a lasting memory.

The front features an illustration in a one-line drawing that elegantly celebrates the proud craftsmanship with its simplicity. The same illustration seen on the packaging of the figure.

The back of the illustration is printed in black to prevent the handwritten message from showing through the picture when hung up.

A white envelope is included.

A picture frame that fits the poster card can be purchased separately.

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Maya Soele®

Maya Soele® is Danish design that celebrates professional trades and functions with unique and personal wooden figures for each craft.

The figures are crafted in timeless design, seamlessly fitting into home decor with their simple expression.

The series is made from FSC® 100% certified wood. The packaging the figure comes in is also FSC® 100% certified.

Poster cards (congratulatory cards) are available for each craft and also double as a picture with the beautiful one-line drawing illustration on the front. The personal handwritten greeting inside the card is thus preserved as a last

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