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Trademark Living A/S

The Greenwich dining chair is not only nice to look at but also comfortable to sit in.

With its sturdy, black-painted iron frame, Greenwich can withstand the busy life of a restaurant, and the luxurious brown buffalo leather only gets better with time and use.

Stop by booth J 7152 and try our pleasant dining chairs.

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Trademark Living A/S

Trademark Living is a Danish furniture and interior design company that, with a great love for recycling and natural materials, creates unique interior solutions for you and your business.

You get a particular rusticity in our products because they are not made on assembly lines. Our Indian suppliers produce partly machined and partly handmade items, so the products are never 100% identical - and that is the special unique expression you get when you buy our products.

With us you do not necessarily get “picture-perfect” products. We think it gets too boring, and our philosophy is that we

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