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Det Gamle Apotek A/s

Our ceramic houses are both practical and aesthetically appealing. We have ceramic houses for tealights that provide a beautiful and cozy glow, but we also have ceramic houses in the form of decorative flower pots. The charm of these ceramic houses lies in their detailed designs and various color combinations. They add a sense of lightness and playfulness to any space.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, ceramic houses are also durable and easy to clean. They are crafted with care and expertise by skilled ceramic artists who bring their artistic visions to life. Ceramic houses, as functional art pieces, are not just practical items but also artworks that can add personality and charm to any home or workspace.

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Det Gamle Apotek A/s


It would only be appropriate to begin the story of Det Gamle Apotek with a “once upon a time”, since that is how most fairytales begin. This story even started off as a Christmas fairytale. At the year 1989, Erik Tygesen founded Det Gamle Apotek in the town Tønder. The foundation for this shop, was his love for old buildings, Christmas and nostalgia. These fantastic components were the basis of the idea of an unusual store, which should be an adventure to visit. This was the dream back then, and that is how the original store presents itself to this

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