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14 August 2023 | Squarely Copenhagen

EIVEE is a growing software company which recently had to move to a new large office at Østerbro in Copenhagen. Their entire platform revolves around their clients' sustainable actions and they wanted to highlight their sustainable brand by adding greenery to the workplace, and, at the same time, create a fresh, attractive space for both their clients and employees. SQUARELY COPENHAGEN offered EIVEE an office design with self-watering planters that was the perfect aesthetic fit to the 'old' office building including hanging planters, a green wall, and free-standing planters.

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Squarely Copenhagen

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN is a Danish design brand created by architect Agnieszka Jacobs. She saw the need for high-end design that connects people with nature. Today, Agnieszka runs SQUARELY COPENHAGEN with her business partner Barbara Rombach.
Both have a passion for slow design, recycled materials and products that can last for generations. With a passionate team of creative design and nature lovers, they have been designing high-quality wooden plant furniture with a unique self-watering technology since 2018.
Squarely Copenhagen wants to inspire a future where we live a green life with minim

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