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16 May 2023 | Den Gamle Jul

Den gamle jul, is a brand new company that specializes in the cosy Christmas.

We are a family owned company and we have always loved Christmas and Christmas traditions.

We have put a lot of effort into making Christmas decorations together.

We want to influence Christmas in the cozy direction, with angels, stars, elves and the right Christmas colors.

Christmas can have many colors and is always coziest, in the color you as a family usually use.

We sell Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree or Christmas decorations to decorate around your home, of course we also sell table decorations, candles and napkins.

On our blog you can see many suggestions for table settings and Christmas decorations.

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Den Gamle Jul

At Den gamle jul ApS, it's Christmas all year round.
We sell Christmas decorations and Christmas table decorations.

We care a lot about sustainability and think it into all our actions, from freight to materials.

We are always in the Christmas mood and ready to help you. :-)

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