Winner of The Swedish Toy of the Year 2023

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22 May 2023 | Plus Plus

We are happy to announce that BIG Learn to Build Activity Set has been selected the winner of The Swedish Toy of the Year 2023 in the toddler category.

Motivation of the Jury:
"This is an entertaining and fun activity set with great play value. The activity cards determine which activity is to be done. Will it be dominoes, bowling, counting, funny faces or maybe building the tallest tower? The jury likes the versatility of the activity set and that the different activities guarantee many hours of fun entertainment for both the younger children, but also older siblings and parents."

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Plus Plus

Plus-Plus was developed in the eighties in Holbæk, Denmark. The idea was to create a simplistic toy that would spark the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. The educational market immediately saw the potential in Plus-Plus and supported the idea of simplicity and open play in schools and kindergartens. Today, Plus-Plus is internationally recognized as a high-quality toy brand and the winner of multiple product awards.

We are proud of our Danish heritage, and we continue to produce Plus-Plus at our factory in Holbæk. In 2012 we opened US sales offices in South Carolina and Oh

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