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18 August 2023 | Uyuni Lighting

Experience the extraordinary Tealight 400 Candle, now equipped with a brilliant battery life of approximately 400 hours. When compared with our Tealight 120, which when used for 6 hours a day would last approximately 20 days, the Tealight 400 will last approximately 60 days!

While both products boast exceptional quality, the Tealight 400 sets a new standard in longevity. The new waxed-dipped design makes it slightly larger than a standard tealight, allowing consumers to get creative and use them as is, as they may not fit in snug standard tealight holders.

With its enchanting wax-dipped design, standalone usability and extra battery life, this LED Tealight is sure to be a bestseller!

Now available in Nordic White, Ivory, Sandstone and Plain Black.

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Uyuni Lighting

The Perfect Candles

Our handcrafted Uyuni LED Candles and Tealights are traditional in their aesthetic, luxurious to the touch, and innovative in their mechanics. Not only is the unique 3D flame a first-of-its-kind, but Uyuni Candles offer a practicality that sets them apart; turn them on and off from a distance or dim them to your desire with a useful remote control and timer options of 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. A 6-hour manual timer switch allows you to conserve battery life while still benefitting from a lengthy ambient glow.

And the beauty of long-lasting LED-candles - they are not hot t

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