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09 January 2023 | Kalager Design ApS

2022 was the year that Kalager Design really gained a foothold in Denmark. Kalager Design was started in 2021 by Sarah Lundager, who has close collaboration with the blacksmith company, which produces all the products for Kalager Design. All products are designed and produced in Denmark - specifically in Lemvig in West Jutland.

We got the idea for the products because we think that there was a lack of slightly different products on the market. We have previously worked with wire, and from there came the idea to try to create some light and graphic furniture made of wire. The light expression means that they don’t take up too much space and we can use lots of different colors. We started out by making small shelves, trays, etc., but soon we started making larger furniture, as we have received more and more requests for this. Our universe is now a very colorful universe of showcases, lounge furniture, tables etc., and it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits to what products we can make out of wire. We think that the products fit into most homes, as they are very stylish and with the large selection of colors, people can get just the product that fits into their home. All our products are powder coated, as this means that the products can be used both indoors and outdoors - we see this as a huge advantage.

We also work with special solutions for both private and business, and especially after our participation at Formland in autumn 2022, we have received many inquiries from business customers who want to use our products or get special solutions for their store interior. We have made both smaller solutions, but also larger projects with special solutions.

We are looking forward to participating at Formland again, and showing our most popular products, but also some news which includes our new dining table. We look forward to talking to our current dealers, but also getting the opportunity to talk to new dealers. In addition, it is also always great to talk to the other exhibitors - it is always good to make new contacts and some contacts have definitely developed into good business partners.

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