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06 June 2023 | FAMILIANNA

As many may know, life in Spain is characterized by a relaxed attitude, different outlook on life, culture, and social norms. Spaniards, in general, take a siesta while the rest of Europe works, and believe that anything left unfinished today can always be tackled tomorrow. These values are particularly attractive to us, who have spent many years engaged in exciting and challenging projects.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to lay the foundation for Anna von Lipa and lived in the Czech Republic during the process. This gave us an intimate understanding of the company, which produces mouth-blown glass, particularly renowned for the iconic Hedgehog glass and Confetti design.

Over several dedicated years, we immersed ourselves in every aspect of the business, from operations and design to branding and most importantly, developing personal relationships with customers. We experienced great joy when the Anna von Lipa car drove from Gedser to Skagen, delivering glassware directly from the skilled glassblowers in the Czech Republic.

Today, Anna von Lipa has become a well-established brand, all thanks to our customers who have been with us from the very beginning.

Selling it felt almost like giving away our own child - a thought that's hard to fathom. However, in the spring of '22, we retired and sold Anna von Lipa to our partners in the Czech Republic. We are now excited to see our designs and visions grow and reach international recognition, thanks to the innovative and fresh perspective of new forces.

While it's true that success and big visions require hard work and challenges, our challenges were mostly due to our age. Christian had already surpassed the retirement age a while ago, and I am approaching my 60s.

But, back to the headline and the question: Aside from enjoying the Spanish charm, diverse culture, and mild climate, how do we spend our time in Spain?

We have purchased a beautiful property in a small coastal town in Andalusia and have been enjoying the company of fellow gray hair retirees who stroll along the beach and savor the pleasures of later life.

But it wasn't long before restlessness set in and we felt there was more we wanted to do. We had lived a life in the fast lane, full of ideas and initiatives, for almost 30 years. We were a cocktail of creativity and nerves of steel.

So we asked ourselves, what do we do when we want to do more? The answer was Familianna, a company focused on quality craftsmanship that keeps up with the modern world. You may have already heard of us on social media or visited us at Formland. But we are not alone in this venture. Our success is due in no small part to the support of Spanish ceramists and a young, talented team that includes our son and daughter-in-law, Jens and Sandra.

From idea to reality

Turning an idea into reality can be sparked by chance encounters or intuition. That was precisely the case for me when I stumbled upon the exquisite ceramics of Ivan Ros from Cordoba while searching for a dinnerware set for my home in Spain. Was it love at first sight? Perhaps that's overstating it, but I immediately recognized that there must be others who appreciate the stunning and unique ceramics from Spain. The craftsmanship is characterized by striking hand-painted local historical patterns and colors that effortlessly blend with modern design aesthetics.

Thank goodness for Google! We arranged a visit to the company, located about 3 hours' drive from our home near the historic city of Cordoba. Our meeting with Ivan Ros ceramics proved pivotal for our collaboration and the establishment of Familianna in Denmark.

What stood out was the realization that we were warmly welcomed by a family-owned ceramics business, now in its second generation, with Ivan Ros and his wife at the helm. They were surrounded by passionate employees who fostered a pleasant, cozy, and unpretentious atmosphere. There was ample room to develop and play with our ideas and test designs alongside the generous team.

We were greeted with surprise when we arrived, as if we had dropped out of the sky, and heard about Ivan Ros's ambitions to reach the Scandinavian market. Despite this, Ivan Ros exuded unwavering self-confidence, having just been selected by Christian Dior in Paris to create a ceramic collection that now graces the world's major stages and catwalks.

Since then, we have made numerous visits to Ivan Ros and spent countless hours experimenting with our ideas and color combinations. Prior to this, I had familiarized myself with the craft and gained an understanding of the individual processes and techniques, as well as the history and culture of Cordoba's potters.

We observed firsthand that Ivan Ros not only sends a strong and responsible message, but also lives up to values such as well-being and the environment. These are also values that we deeply cherish and strive to convey in our ceramics, which we symbolically burn into the glaze.

In our society, almost everyone has the means to purchase what they desire from a vast array of beautiful designs and lovely things. Many are now making conscious choices that prioritize origin, sustainability, and well-being. We are proud to be a part of this movement and to not be criticized for our choices.

In Familianna, we refer to it as a "CONVERSATION WITH A PIECE".

Our aim with Familianna, apart from quelling the restlessness mentioned earlier, is to convey simple messages:

if you opt for Familianna ceramics for your clients, you can be certain that they are crafted by happy Spanish artisans who take pleasure in their work,
that we merge high-quality design with reasonable pricing, that resources are not squandered during production, with both water and clay being recycled,
that you will receive a natural product from Andalusia without any chemical additives,
that is suitable for food use,
that you can anticipate an optimistic and harmonized design for daily use, whether you're setting a grand table for guests or seeking a unique gift,
that we will strive to establish good rapport with our retailers and provide attentive service,
and that we will be keenly interested in hearing from anyone interested in experimenting with their own designs within Familianna's context.
We have plenty of ideas brewing in Familianna! We didn't invent the deep dish, but we have given it a contemporary and innovative makeover.

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Launched in 2022, Familianna creates lifestyle objects exclusively for wholesale customers to inspire and encourage mindful living. We work with the best designers from Scandinavia and traditional manufacturers from Andalusia to create high-quality ceramic homeware that is long-lasting, affordable and fits into a range of styles and spaces.

Familianna's functional, sustainable and 100% hand processed products with premium quality are featured in a range of complex colours and both classic and organic or customised shapes.

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