Brainchild sofa cushions

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23 January 2023 | Brainchild

Brainchild sofa cushions are Danish design for your home. The sofa cushions are in an exclusive quality and are adorned with embroidered Design Icons. The embroidered iconic interpretations of danish furniture classics give the sofa cushions their stylish expression. The sofa cushions bring humor and aesthetic into your home décor. The sofa cushions are designed with a focus on good quality and you will enjoy your Brainchild sofa cushions for many years.

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The Danish design brand Brainchild interprets Danish furniture classics, including The Egg, The Artichoke and The Swan, literally. At Brainchild, you will find a wide selection of Danish designs for your home, including: Posters, wooden figures, bedding, sofa cushions and many other home accessories.

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