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Come and hear about our new pictogram calendar. How it can be used privately, but we have also thought of a line for institutions, so that there is even more recognition for the children.

Hear our story and how we have incorporated circular production and sustainability into our products from the start. How all leftovers can be used for other products and how we can ensure that our products have a longer life by offering TAKE BACK.

We'll make sure there's a drink, an astronaut while you listen and everyone gets a One-Off-A-Kind, Special Edition gift.


Sunday29. Jankl. 15:00 PM


Sunday29. Jankl. 15:30 PM


Hal One, Stand F5140

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Design Rocket

The event is created by:

Design Rocket

Introducing Design Rocket
Design Rocket started with a passion to create practical storage for the nursery and children’s room. Storage in a delightful quality and design that invites to be played with, while still being nice to look at.

We aspire to integrate colour into the home, especially into the children’s bedroom. Colours, that sprout children’s creativity into play and adventure.

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