Odense - Aarhus - København, Danmark

About us
VinConnection is, as the name suggests, a wine company supported by relationships and connections in the wine world, which have been created over many years.

VinConnection wants to be the preferred secondary supplier to the best and most dynamic wine merchants in every city.

VinConnection offers an interesting wine and spirits range, which adds value to wine merchants in the form of well-known wine houses and good earning opportunities. The approach to collaboration is always professional and passionate.

About us
The company was founded by Knud Kjellerup in 2012 and subsequently acquired by Kjær Sommerfeldt in 2017. VinConnection is a dynamic and customer-oriented company, with high demands for quality and service.

Professional Business support
VinConnection wants the wine merchant to experience presence and interest in their business.

Company profiles, product categories, and areas of interest are written and added by the suppliers and are not based on knowledge or assessment from Formland.