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Rattan is a fast-growing grass/plant that, given the right weather conditions, can reproduce within 5-7 years after being harvested. Rattan is characterized by being extremely strong, durable, and flexible; characteristics that are mainly due to the solid stems of the rattan. Based on this, rattan is an amazing material for the baskets and fences produced by A2 Living – all our products are produced using the incredibly strong CL Rattan.

Additionally, rattan is a great contributor to the environment of the large rainforests and to the CO2 assimilation in e.g., Indonesia. The plant is growing from the forest floor and from here it is beautifully twisting its way up the other vegetation of the forest. There is no such thing as a machine for harvesting rattan; completely in line with all our products being handwoven, the rattan plant is also harvested by hand.

Handwoven, rustic, and authentic square rattan basket. The rattan basket is handwoven (and thus not machine-made) with strong and solid stems of CL rattan, thus ensuring an optimal abrasiveness and durability of the product. Due to great variation in the appearance of rattan stems, and by including a mix of both darker, brighter, and spotted stems, a natural look is achieved and no two baskets will be 100% alike. The basket is perfect for both planting, storage, decoration, etc.

A strong and transparent plastic bag (100 my Polysol) is included for planting.

Item measurement: L27 x W27 x H24 cm - appr. 1,5 kg (measurements are based on the outer dimensions of the basket).

As the basket is a natural product, above measurements are with reservations. Reservations are made as the rattan stems will contract differently during the drying process and, hence, the size/dimension may vary slightly.

The basket will (once again due to it being a natural product) fade in sunlight. To many, this is considered a positive as it leads to patina and a more silvery/greyish look (like driftwood or wooden garden furniture left outside untreated). If you seek to retain some of the goldon color, this can be achieved by spraying/brushing a clear or tinted natural oil on the product.

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A2 Living - established in 2009 - is a minor, trendy, and up-to-date danish interiour company that is for sure very different-thinking. While always being down to earth we still take pride in our own designed products, all of which comes with that little special and different detail/finish that is so often demanded - but very rarely seen.
It is exciting and well thought out items in a raw, rustic, and simple nordic design. It is solid and long-lasting products that we, A2 Living, take enormous pride putting our name to - in

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