Sustainable Interior Design and Creative Textiles for Babies and Children

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04 July 2023 | Verksted | Lille Starut

Sustainable Interior Design and Creative Textiles for Babies and Children
- Experience Verksted and Lille Starut at Formland

We are proud to present our two exciting brands dedicated to sustainability and creativity in interior design and textiles for babies and children.

Verksted - Scandinavian Sustainable Interior Design

Our collections combine aesthetics with environmentally friendly materials and craftsmanship. From beautifully designed height charts to unique decorations, Verksted brings a sensual and warm atmosphere to any room. Good craftsmanship produced with love and care to create good products that fit perfectly into a modern and environmentally conscious home.

Little Starut - Creative Textiles for Little Creatures

Lille Starut has a vision to transform baby and children's rooms into dreamy and imaginative universes. Their collections of textiles are inspired by Nordic nature and adventurous stories. With soft materials and delicate patterns, Lille Starut creates the perfect setting for the little beings' play and sweet dreams. And the best of all - all textiles are produced with a focus on sustainability and responsible production.

Visit Verksted and Lille Starut at Formland

We invite you to experience Verksted and Lille Starut's fantastic collections at the Formland fair. Look forward to being inspired by sustainable interior design and creative textiles for babies and children. Our passion for quality, design and the environment will certainly give you lots of ideas and new inspiration for your own home or shop. See you at Formland!

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Verksted | Lille Starut

At Verksted, we create beautiful and sustainable interiors for your home.
Our interiors for children are created with timeless designs, that fits into most children's rooms.

As a family with children, we know the challenge it can be, to bring aesthetics and practice into a higher unity.
It is one of the challenges we are attempting to meet with our designs.

At Verksted, we value sustainable values ​​very highly.
We work actively to make our production as green as possible. We are constantly getting better. We want ours and our children and grandchildren to play and dance on a planet t

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