KAPOK + DOWN = a unique natural blend

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26 May 2023 | ARCTIC & Nordisk Tekstil A/S

Duvets with a kapok and down blend combine the wonderful properties that these natural fibres have to offer: kapok with its
excellent insulating abilities and antibacterial properties, and down with its soft, light fibres that are both insulating and breathable.

The result is a fluffy and airy duvet that retains heat well while feeling pleasant and soft.

Both kapok and down have the ability to insulate and regulate temperature, but each of these fibres achieve this in their own unique
way. Down is light and makes you feel like you’re sleeping under a cloud. It has an airy structure that both retains heat and makes
the duvet breathable.

The kapok fibres are hollow and can encapsulate a large amount of air. This excellent ability to retain captive air makes kapok extremely insulating and heat-regulating. When combined with the down's airy structure, you get a duvet that is both highly insulating and breathable.

The duvet also benefits from kapok’s antibacterial properties, where the natural content of bitter substances makes the fibre resistant to dust mites, mould and pests.

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