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Welcome to the Trend Zone at Formland

Colors - a living network concept by Studie FLYHELSTED

Society is changing. We are breaking with conventional thinking and traditional norms, which is leading to new possibilities. We need to join forces to set new standards for success and quality of life. Unique features with a mix of colors and styles are still dominating current trends – this will also apply to future trends within the interior and design industry. Everything is possible and you can create your mood board as you like – it is the general impression that counts.   

Linear economy, focusing on the production of new things, is reaching the end of the line. Now, we are adapting to a circular economy based on recycling and upcycling. Subscriptions and sharing agreements on anything from clothes, bicycles and summer cottages are emerging. Could this be the Buddhist way of life settling in the Western world?  

We are upcycling reused products and combining them with something new. All periods of time are mixed freely in a humoristic way where the rough industrial style meets the 80s pastel color palette in new interpretations – in other words, white walls are replaced by colors and tapestry. Tactile features from bouclé to varnish are dominating. We cultivate the unique handcrafted image. There are lots of options for mixing patterns and prints with natural materials such as wood, rattan, stone and metal – as long as it has a sustainable approach.

Time is valuable to us as human beings, we need to care for ourselves and our mental health. The blooming interest in handicrafts and chores clearly shows that we need to slow down and engage ourselves in meaningful things. We need to be in balance to be able to contribute positively and thoughtfully to society. This leads to a greater focus on values, content and personal views. Consumers want to go behind the scenes of your company, and they seek honest and transparent visions that they can relate to. Branding your company really matters – it is crucial to your success.

Colors - a living network. In a transparent and light setting surrounded by bright colors of the season, you can explore an exciting interpretation of the home. The setting is abstract and personal with contrasts of humour and gravity. The concept has been created with a sustainable approach creating a living network with room for differences and solidarity – together we are stronger.  

Welcome to the trend zone: Colors – a living network.

This season concept at the trend zone on Formland

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