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By: Studie FlyHelsted

Welcome to MAISON IKIGAI, a Japanese-inspired home that houses rooms filled with neat collections and artistic touches. It’s an interpretation of life in motion and that which gives life meaning.

Ikigai is the Japanese philosophy that is about uniting: Profession, Passion, Mission, and your Calling, both as a human being and in our surroundings. It’s not a static condition; our Ikigai evolves concurrently with life and that which gives life meaning.

Thoughts behind the concept

Ikigai inspires us to focus less on ‘Me’ and more on how we can contribute to the world around us. There is a greater emphasis on moderation and sustainability, and we are more mindful of keeping, repairing, and reusing things.We admire craftsmanship and the fact that things take time and carry traces of history and life.

We don’t chase a particular style or aesthetic but curate our homes to feel authentic and reflective of lived experiences. We move away from the polished and perfect image of life and are drawn to the honest with traces of reality. Therefore, we treasure the unique, the artistic, and the traditional that enrich our storytelling and add personality.

What you can experience

MAISON IKIGAI is a Japanese-inspired house with space for all the things that bring life to a home, creating a balance between perfection and imperfection. From the meticulously designed bathroom with wooden surfaces and wickerwork, you are surrounded by deep tones of nature that evoke tranquility and harmony, just like a Japanese ceremony. To the vibrant living room pulsating with the energy of Tokyo’s crossroads in a blend of art and retro elements in steel and glass. The colours are, like life itself, powerful and beautiful.

MAISON IKIGAI unites neatness and chaos, embraces contrasts and personality, and reflects life in motion.

In addition to over 500 sqm of trends and inspiration, the trend zone features an associated trend café and an exciting programme of events. Stay tuned as we announce the programme soon.


The four notions of Ikigai

What you love

What you are good at

What you do for a living

What the world needs

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