Why are two young women designing clothes for the mature women

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21 December 2022 | LINEA G

Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the women behind the clothing brand LINEA G. They design clothes for mature women. Women with natural shapes.

"We love the mature women. They know what they want and what suits them. And once they've caught their eye on a brand, they stick - loyal customers”.

Women can be difficult. They don't want be boring, they don't want to be young, they just want to look good. This is precisely why we find them interesting.

We love to design clothes for the conscious woman, regardless of age. Our collections must be sharp every time. We must not compromise with materials or fit, because the conscious customer discovers that.

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The cousins ​​Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the two women behind the fashion brand LINEA G.
We are passionate about designing clothes that gives you a wardrobe without an expiry date with values ​​such as craftsmanship, good and timeless design.

We are happy to reveal that we have been selected for this year's Creators Community, where we look forward to presenting our AW23 collection.

We are looking for new retailers and business partners throughout Denmark and abroad, and look forward to visits from both interior, lifestyle and clothing stores.

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