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21 December 2022 | LINEA G

At LINEA G, it is more important to offer their customers long-lasting materials rather than materials with fancy certifications.

What's the point of making 10,000 organic cotton T-shirts if half end up as waste and burned anyway? Or if the quality of the T-shirt is simply too poor. How sustainable is it?

We see that the problem with the entire clothing industry is production. There are simply too muck clothes produced in far too poor materials.

We only produce the clothes we believe have market value in materials that are made to last. We carefully select all our materials. All are tested before we put them into production. We do this to be sure that they live up to our standard of being able to last for many years.

If it turns out that the organic cotton does not meet our standard, we would rather choose an alternative.

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The cousins ​​Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the two women behind the fashion brand LINEA G.
We are passionate about designing clothes that gives you a wardrobe without an expiry date with values ​​such as craftsmanship, good and timeless design.

We are happy to reveal that we have been selected for this year's Creators Community, where we look forward to presenting our AW23 collection.

We are looking for new retailers and business partners throughout Denmark and abroad, and look forward to visits from both interior, lifestyle and clothing stores.

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