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17 July 2023 | Eva Solo A/S

Usher in spring with new arrivals from the elegant Nordic kitchen range from Eva Solo. Enhance mealtime ambience by serving your favourite menu on black stoneware inspired by Nordic nature. With bamboo serving/charcuterie tongs and the handy Table Caddy, you’ll impress with every attention to detail on the best-dressed table when family and friends gather for delicious meals.

Assemble condiments in a decorative cruet with a streamlined, timeless design. The holder features a practical carrying handle and is ideal as a dining table centrepiece or for taking outdoors for patio barbecues, so that dressings and other condiments are on hand – and easily brought back indoors. Easy to clean. Simply wipe with a well-wrung damp cloth and maintain the oak by oiling it regularly.

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Eva Solo A/S

Eva Solo A/S was established over 100 years ago. Today, the company is managed and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, who represents the fourth generation of the founder’s family. Jan’s mother is called Eva, and her father, i.e. Jan’s grandfather, is one of the company’s three former CEOs. It was Eva’s name that inspired the company’s name.

Our distinctive designs have in many ways reflected the developments which have taken place in the modern home. Our starting point was functional, high-quality kitchen utensils for the Scandinavian housewife – as exemplified by our bread and meat slicing machine

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